Dan Horsley

For All your Computer Consulting Needs!

Welcome to my website.

My Name, as if you didn't really figure it out from the heading at the top of the page, is Dan. 
who even looks at this thing anyway?

Computer Support

Computer support for mostly Windows-based computers. Apple is definitely NOT my speciality. Any Windows OS, either Desktop or Server. Hardware is not intimidating to me either. Easy rates - $50 per hour, with low family rates of $50 per hour. What a deal!


Leon and I have been in business together for the past 3 years. We worked together for a couple of different companies before that, also. We are very technically adept, with Leon being extremely versed in networking concepts, and I in VOIP programming and support.


I dabble a bit in website design, and hosting sites for a small fee. I typically use a hosting environment based on the current DotNetNuke platform, but can just as easily support a simple IIS or windows base web server. Rates are extremely negotiable... make me an offer I can't refuse, and you got a website.

No Copyright. If you want it, take it. Have a good time with it.